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Magnolia Street Seafood and Grill of Arcadia, Florida!

-Family owned and operated!
-Opened by Carl and Catherine Tindall on June 10, 2013!
-The Tindall family moved to Arcadia in December 2006 and are here to stay.
-Owner and chef, Carl Tindall has been in the restaurant business over 25 years.
-We specialize in fresh foods ranging from the freshest seafood delivered 5 days a week, locally purchased meats and produce, and nearly everything on the menu made right in house.
-We pride ourselves in bringing you the freshest food hand prepared daily.
-No frozen fries or appetizers!
-We hand cut our fries every day!
-Our fish comes in whole fillets or loins and we butcher it daily as well.
-We refuse to serve pre-portioned frozen foods!
-Customer service and top quality food is what is most important to us.
-Thank you Arcadia for welcoming us! We are here to serve you!


What our customers have to say...

Coming back from Tampa, we decided to take a path less traveled and go through Arcadia Florida. Sometimes we are in such a hurry to get someplace that you forget about all the best places to eat are not located along super highways. We were looking for a place to get a sandwich and punched up a deli in Arcadia. Then realized this was Sunday and as suspected the deli was closed. I am so glad it was closed! We saw this restaurant it was open and it was busy so the food must be good right? It was GREAT. Everything is made from scratch, there are no jars or boxes of food used. Freshly prepared food and great services, how good is that? Not a national chain of frozen fish smothered in high fructose syrup sauce, but well cooked, freshly prepared seafood with many choices and the best carrot cake I have ever ate. I will have to drive back through Arcadia again just to stop and eat here.
Steve Haz, Fort Myers, FL

Magnolia St. Seafood & Grill is one of our treasures here in Arcadia, the food is excellent and so is the wait staff. I love the fresh cut french fries as well as the coconut shrimp, my husband enjoys the fried oysters, we had several friends there & they couldn't believe how awesome this place is & they too have returned. Thanks Magnolia....don't ever change.
Cheryl K., Arcadia, FL

Magnolia Street Seafood & Grill Arcadia is a place to go to for very good food, the restaurant was very clean the staff very friendly and the service was excellent. Food was hot and very filling as well as being very tasty would recommend this to any one.
John C., Seminole, FL

We stopped here on our way to Lake Placid as it looked like the type of restaurant frequented by locals. Lovely dining room and our waitress was extremely informative and pleasant. I ordered the fried oyster sandwich and the oysters were plentiful and tender and the sauce was delicious! Best oyster sandwich I've ever eaten! My husband ordered the hamburger and the meat was of the highest quality and done perfectly. I tasted it and it tasted just like steak! Delicious lunch and we will be sure to stop back again real soon.
Edmar Sarasota, Sarasota, FL

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